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About the Company

We are a contact firm that works with the FAANG sector of Tech. We engage tech contrators on a C2C basis only, no W2 or direct employee hiring. You are responcible for your insurance, benifits, costs, etc. 

About the Role

You are a seasoned Sr. SDE with strong Front End Development skills who has worked as a contractor remotely and does not need to be led to complete their tasks. 

You are a self-motivated, multitasking, and demonstrated team-player. This is C2C only, no H1b, etc.

Our client is one of the largest software firm on the planet, so this is for A game players only

Background on this project


  • The first goal for the upcoming quarters will be to rewrite/modernize an aging reservation system that our client uses currently and bring it from on premise to the Azure cloud while preserving core functionality.

  • The existing system is over a decade old, with a web front end (html/Js, no web framework) and a .net/sql back-end. It runs on premise, does not support cloud based auth and various concepts are outdated.

  • The system implements robust reservation and business rules and needs to guarantee e.g., no double booking, no back-to-back reservations for the same user, buffers between reservations for on/off-boarding of assets, etc.

  • There is an automation "ecosystem" around the reservations with various power-shell and bash scripts automating management of assets.

  • Robust email notifications informing users about start and end of reservations

  • Robustness of the system is important as the reservations are for running critical research experiments on expensive GPU hardware.

  • Therefore, effects like double booking or premature reservation termination led to loss of research data and jeopardize research project deadlines.

  • They have written the original system and am familiar with the problem domain and needs. They tried to modernize it once, but modern authentication and data flow patterns require a more significant adjustment/rewrite.

  • We need an engineer who is willing to work through existing legacy code base and re-implement a modern interpretation of the reservation system.

  • There is a significant opportunity for creativity (e.g., storage model, UX, etc.) at the same time need to be thoughtful towards robust delivery.

  • The person does not need to be an expert in distributed systems and concurrent programming, and they will provide guidance.

  • At the same time, they expect enough depth to identify at least basic effects of concurrency (e.g., potential race condition when two users want to reserve the same asset at the same time) explore solutions, and implement patterns that they can reason about (e.g., optimistic concurrency, atomicity of certain operations).

  • Regarding UX, there is not a dedicated designer, but we do have the current system as a reference and libs. like fluentUI to guide and inspire.


  • C2C only

  • 40 hours per week

  • Hourly rate is negotiable DOE

  • This is not an offer of employment


6+ years of relevant work experience in the following areas: (Bold is key)

  • Front end web development: HTML, JS Java Script, TS Type Script & React

  • Server: current system is in .net but you need to have SQL server

  • New system needs to support modern authentication and authorization for Azure (e.g. msal, fast auth, rbac).

  • Python and its proximity to AI on the team

  • SQL and noSql with some experimentation and modeling

  • Automation: Bash or Powershell

  • Test: We would like to see evidence that the core functionality works. Throwing together tests that target the business rules and reservation behavior in order to understand them and capture the system behavior prior to jumping into (naive) implementation (of CRUD) would be encouraged.

  • GIT

  • CICD into Azure

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