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"Why us!?" It's a great question

Your firm probably has an internal recruiting or HR department that in many cases you are required to use and or a current external vendor that is providing this function yet you still are not satisfied.

Let me list a few reasons items we hear most when speaking to new and/or existing clients on why they need our services: (written from the hiring manager's perspective)

  • The candidates I am receiving from our internal or ext. recruiters are not qualified nor truly vetted as to the specific requirements I need for them to be successful in this position.

  • I end up spending more time on recruiting vs. my job that I am paid to do and in some cases over half my day or at least 2 days a week is dedicated to recruiting related issues vs. just having qualified candidates for me to interview I am actually doing the recruiting!

  • The recruiting firm or team I am working with don't understand the technology and thus cannot translate that technical need to the role I need them to fulfill.

  • I don't feel like I am getting the attention as to amount of time being spent on helping me find the proper candidate for this position as well the candidates I see are completely unqualified.

  • Every time I have a new position to fill, HR sends me a new recruiter to work with, thus  I have to train them again because my tech and business needs are at an advanced level, and many of these recruiters I deal with are either fresh out of college and or have no technology or engineering background.

About us

Bottom line we provide the following solutions:

  • We scope exactly what you need  for the role and develop detailed requirements

  • We determine your process/needs for interviewing (being respectful of your time)

  • We work with your team per your request (i.e.) HR and any other internal group that you require

  • The result of our efforts results in a perfect match for you as the client and of course the candidate.

With over 30+ years of deep expertise in the OSI Stack (Network/ Systems/ Security/ Cloud/ Software Dev, etc.) we know tech and can scope any engagement

Exectap was built on a "QOS" model as to saving you valuable time acting as your recruiting agent to bring you the best candidate possible in a timely matter thus why you're hiring us.

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Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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