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IT Network/ Systems Engineer Mgr


Job Type

Job Field

About the Company

Our client who is one of the top 3 leaders in Software development and Cloud services is hiring a Full time Hands On IT Network/Systems engineer Mgr that has the expertise to run, operate and manage a Research and Development facility in Beijing China.

About the Role

You will: 

  • Be a remote and at times onsite embedded technician supporting researchers in a small lab setting like a start-up. 

  • Need to interact and resolve blocking issues for researchers and other office staff; Be capable of successfully solving complex problems. 

  • Need to be an IT generalist that can dig deeper as a specialist, and can think on his\her feet, a whiz so to speak that takes the scenarios presented and makes sound decisions. 

  • You must be assertive and be able to operate on your own without guidance (“take charge attitude”) In other words, there is an IT breadth of knowledge required beyond simply addressing the problem, there is a need for both a solution as well figuring out root cause and engineering a reliable solution, so issues do not happen again.

  •  IT Managers that work only on large scale projects at a high level, but do not have the in depth hands-on skills are going to struggle in this role. 

  • There is a direct need to deeply understand the technology and apply this to real world solutions. 

You will: 

  • Design solutions that fully qualify and meet the customer’s needs today and into the near term, not just an IT solution that is technically sound.

  •  Interact with corporate IT and other IT teams to gain a reasonable result for the group you support. 

  • Be self-motivated, self-directed, and have a strong desire to find a workable solution. 

  • Think about the security and corporate policy implications of any solution you provide as part of the finished product. 


Work both remotely and onsite with a team that engineers, deploys and supports the technical and procedural needs that develop in the process of conducting basic computer science research. To facilitate effective research with timely delivery of technical solutions based on our clients and or 3rd party software and hardware. To focus on delivering timely solutions engineered with the highest possible levels of customer service, attention to detail, cost effectiveness and trustworthy computing. You will engineer, manage, and conduct in-depth troubleshooting and analysis of existing and new solutions for various research projects. The focus being toward distributed computing and includes privacy, security, protocols, fault-tolerance, large-scale systems, concurrency, computer architecture, Internet search and services as well as related theory.


Qualifications: 8 years minimum demonstrated work experience in related fields:

  • In depth knowledge of networking protocols including TCP/IP

  • Sound troubleshooting of complex services and or systems

  • Functional experience with UNIX and OS X operating systems

  • Familiarity with wireless networking technologies

  • Experienced in OS image development and deployment

  • Experience with Windows and Microsoft products

  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Server components as well as other industry standard server components

  • Experience with end user computer hardware, networking equipment and desktop software applications

  • Analytical and organizational skills

  • BS/BA degree in computer science or related field preferred

  • Proven ability to learn and come up to speed quickly on new / unfamiliar technologies

  • Strong documentation and communication skills

Like to have expertise:

  • Knowledge of the OSI stack, preferable Layers 2,3,4,5 and 6

  • Scripting or programing experience

  • Working as a IT engineer within a Lab environment and responsible to keep this running

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