Principal Hardware Software Firmware Security Manager

  • Full Time
  • Bellevue, WA.
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The Position: You will be part of our client’s world of virtualization, compute, storage, authentication, authorization, media and more as they enable anyone to bring their business in the cloud. Their scale and the platforms, services they are building are among the largest in the world.
What we are looking for:
• A leader making the physical (Hardware) & digital (Firmware) world a safer place.
• A Software Engineering Manager to help transform how the clients existing engineers secure our Data Centers as well secure our hardware, firmware and software supply chains.
• You are someone concerned about the security risks that have been built into existing hardware & firmware within other technology electronics manufactures and want to do something to make it safer for everyone that works and plays on the internet.
In this role, you will play a key role in:
• Advancing security by working with other Security Engineers, Program Managers, and Developers throughout our cloud platform to instill an “Assume Breach” security mindset and culture in many of our most critical components.
• You will manage and mentor SDE’s & Engineers (initially 2 and up to 7) helping them grow as both security practitioners and developers, and participate in the broader company wide and industry-wide security community.
• The work you and your team will be doing will be for both internal and external customers
At the center of our clients cloud and serves three mission-critical functions
• Ensure there Cloud Platform is known as the most secure cloud platform and services are the most trustworthy in their markets
• Teams develop machine learning-based anti-fraud detection, high-scale vulnerability scanning, static and dynamic security analysis and integrating these into the clients engineering services.
• Some of our latest ventures include driving the future of hardware/firmware security, red teaming as a service and founding a green team responsible for remediating high risk and systemic classes of security issues.
• Research, explore and traverse the security of hardware, firmware and software alike.
• Be part of setting the vision, strategy and execution for securing the foundation of our clients cloud – from the Data Centers (DC) themselves to the security and management of the most critical environments and components within a DC.
• Design and architect solutions that enable isolation and containment as well as secure deployment and management of both our clients and 3rd-party components.
• Analyze complex services, identify cloud supply chain risks and develop security solutions in close collaboration with other engineers that power the future of the clients cloud.
• Develop large-scale integrated security services with enterprise-class quality and utilize your creativity, customer obsession, and communication skills to bring great experiences for all users.
• Provide technical leadership and mentor other developers to build and innovate highly reliable and critical services.
• Create and manage security services with an Assume Breach mindset enabling protection, detection and response of targeted attacks and persistent adversaries.
Minimum Qualifications:
• 7+ years design and services development experience
• Strong understanding of the supply chain in the Hardware, Firmware sector (PC, Network, Software manufacturing) wrapped with security
• 2+ years comfortable in one or more programming languages such as: C/C++, C#, .NET, SQL, Python, PowerShell, Bash, etc.
• It would help if your still doing some level of development currently as to managing the SDE’s
• 5+ years owning or implementing large scale and highly available services, components or feature areas (Think Intel, AMD, NVidia, Cisco, Juniper, Apple, Nintendo, etc.)
• BA/BS in Computer Science or relevant work experience
Preferred Qualifications:
• Demonstrated excellence in Coding, Code Review and Technical communication
• Expertise in Identifying Cloud Supply Chain risks and developing security solutions
• Strong customer focus and data driven approach End-to-end Delivery and Innovation
• Develop large-scale integrated security services
• Agility in fast paced environment
• Managed, Developed and or Built a Security Service
• Optimizing automation, creating reliable services and ongoing LiveSite monitoring and response experience.
• The base range estimated $200k and can go to $300k depending all based on DOE
• Signing bonus
• Annual Bonus
• Company Stock
• Great Medical-Dental benefits with an overall comp pack can be very attractive all DOE.