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Why ExecTap

Exectap has built our reputation on our proven ability to understand our client’s needs and deliver a working solution.

We focus on the High-Tech Market place only, which means the clients we work for and the candidates we represent are focused in areas such as: Cloud, SaaS, Network, Web, Systems, Tools, Dev, Security, IT OPS, Mobile, and other core technologies and services.

We represent and search for: CxO, VP, Sales, Engineering and Operations positions.

Our goal is to have our clients “Stop Recruiting & focus on your Business”.

If your one of the many executives spending your day trying to find top talent for your company ask yourself a few questions:

  • “What is my time worth”
  • “How much time is it taking our company to find these key candidates”
  • “How much does it cost our company everyday these positions go unfulfilled?”

You would be shocked to do the financial numbers, as the cost is staggering and getting worse as the talent pool within the High-tech market continues to become harder to find.

Exectap is a specialized executive search firm focused solely on the High-Tech market. We offer a hands on solution so you can spend your time on your business. We don’t come out of the recruiting circles, we come out of the technology sector and thus understand these key roles and in turn fill them vs. others doing “key word search”​.

Our team will present the most qualified candidates to our clients, within the necessary time frame, and most importantly, with quality results vs. endless resumes that are not completely qualified.

We look forward to providing the following services to you and your company:

  • Recruiting – We specialize in the placement of upper Mid to Senior-level professionals
  • Full-time regular placement, as well as contract and contract to hire
  • On-site recruiting services on a project or hourly basis
  • Simplified percentage fee based on final first year compensation that includes the retainer